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Dave Heaton
Vice President

Dave serves as Senior AutoCAD technician. He has worked with LBR since 1990, and brings a wealth of knowledge in drafting and FAA regulations for airport design. He has produced hundreds of plan documents and is up to date on the latest software and technology.

The in-house staff at LBR performs the vast majority of the work associated with airport projects. When a need comes up for work outside our in-house capabilities, we have a stable of sub-consultants with long-standing relationships. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience on airport projects as well. Our setup allows for low costs and overhead, and these savings are passed on to our clients.


LBR has been a full service engineering firm for airports since 1978. LBR works exclusively on airports. Our greatest asset as a consultant is our "all airports, all the time" approach. We are in constant contact with aviation professionals including airport managers, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Oklahoma Aeronautics (OAC) personnel, and airport equipment manufacturers. Every day we are planning, designing, overseeing construction, and providing documentation for airport projects. In a field with specific terminology and requirements, LBR simplifies the process and ensures client satisfaction of projects by making sure contractors are constructing projects efficiently, effectively, and according to the specifications.

Jed Banks
President and P.E.
Tyler McDonald
Vice President

Tyler serves as grant and financial administrator for all federal and state funded projects. He is also an Engineer-in-Training and helps produce plans and specifications. He has been with LBR since 2007, and worked exclusively on airport projects and the associated documentation.

Jed serves as Engineer-In-Charge of projects. Since joining LBR in 2003, he has been responsible for all project design and oversight. He has vast experience with all aspects of project design, engineering, and construction administration on airports.

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