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LBR provides all of your airport consulting needs. We work each day in the field of airport design and engineering. If you have a potential project on your airport, chances are LBR has designed a similar project. From planning and project selection, to construction oversight and closeout documentation submission, LBR can help you through any airport project with expertise.



Planning ahead for future projects is important when working to receive grant money for projects. LBR can help you determine the most needed projects at your airport by inspecting the airport and meeting with airport personnel. A vision for the airport is established and a common goal of airport improvement can be delivered to funding agencies for their consideration. Airport layout plans show the current and future development to these agencies.


LBR has designed any and all types of airport projects. Our expertise in design and working with FAA specifications helps ensure a quality product. Coordination with the client about design and the airport during construction is paramount. Keeping a safe airport is always top priority.



During construction, LBR always has onsite personnel to make sure construction is being done according to specification. The onsite inspector keeps the engineer and the owner abreast of the project and the progress. Any issue that arises is brought to the engineer so that the best course of action is used. 


The documentation required for a federal or state funded project can be overwhelming at times to local officials. LBR works on these documents every day and makes the process as smooth and painless as possible for local officials. LBR explains the process and documentation at each step, and minimizes the time spent by local officials.

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