Two recent LBR Runway Extension projects are Thomas P. Stafford and Fairview Municipal Airports. At Weatherford, Runway 17 and the associated taxiways were extended 701’ to a total of 5,100’. LBR contacted users and potential users of the airport to help prepare a runway extension justification document to initiate the project. That document was approved by the FAA, and the total runway length was determined to be 5,100’ for the project. An Environmental Assessment was completed next. Completing the environmental requirements early is paramount for these projects. It can be a lengthy process and can cause delays if not addressed early. FAA and OAC funding was applied for and approved for the project. Our design for the construction safety plan kept the maximum amount of runway open while providing a safe work environment. Construction was completed in 2011 with a total construction budget of $2,390,769. An approach slope survey was completed after construction for the new runway length.

Construction is complete on the Runway Extension at Fairview Municipal Airport. The runway has been extended 780’ to a total of 4,400’. The same process that was detailed above was followed for this project as well. LBR has done numerous runway extensions and we know the process and the potential issues that can arise. We have done similar extensions at Stillwater Regional Airport to a total length of 7,401’, Vinita Municipal Airport to a total length of 4,000’, and Ponca City Regional Airport to a total length of 7,201’.

Runway Extension- Thomas P. Stafford Airport

Weatherford, Oklahoma

Runway Extension- Fairvew Regional

Vinita Municipal Runway Extension

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