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David Jay Perry Airport Wildlife/Security Fencing


Stillwater Regional Decorative Fencing

Stillwater Regional Wildlife/Security Fencing

McAlester Regional Wildlife Fencing

Vinita Municipal

Fencing on an airport provides security for tenants and safety for aircraft. Construction was recently completed at Vinita Municipal on a Wildlife/Security Fencing project.  This LBR designed project installed 8' tall chain link fence with intruder guard around the perimeter of the airport. This airport has some areas that can flood. Creek crossing gates were strategically located on the airport to prevent damage. Also, barb wire fencing was installed in the high flood areas. In the entrance area, a gate controller and keypad were installed to increase security of the airport. A walk gate was also installed for transient pilots wishing to walk to the nearby restaurant and service station.  For an airport with a dense wildlife population in the vicinity, this project will increase pilot safety tremendously.

Vinita Municipal Wildlife/Security Fencing

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