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LBR has been in business since 1978 helping to improve the safety and efficiency of America's Airports. Air travel in the United States is the safest in the world. This is due in large part to the time and effort the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) spends on studying safety, and safety measures. Their safety guidelines are used in every project we have designed. Safety during construction is paramount. LBR makes specific provisions in each set of plans and specifications to make sure pilots and construction traffic are safe. Also, the pavement design, grading and drainage, and approach lighting are designed with one common goal in mind; safety of all airport users.

We have designed numerous airports starting from locating the airport and acquiring the land. We have helped these airports with master plans that show the long term impact an airport can make. We have helped these locations grow and expand into thriving airports. Our experience with all kinds of airport projects helps clients know the most effective projects to pursue.

Recently, LBR has been presented with opportunities to help increase safety on airports internationally. We bring our expertise, and explain all the safety measures that are implemented and successful in the United States. We are excited about the growth opportunities as flying becomes more and more popular around the world. Our goal is to help keep the flying public safe around the world as it becomes smaller and smaller due to the availability of personal travel.


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